Vitamin B12 , ACS, bioreagent, cell culture – CAS 68-19-9

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Vitamin B12 , ACS , BioReagent for cell culture – CAS 68-19-9


BioReagent, suitable for cell culture, suitable for insect cell culture, suitable for plant cell culture


CN-Cbl, Cyanocob(III)alamin, Cyanocobalamin

product origin

100% made in European Union (according to USP, EUP, ECHA-REACH)

purity grade

>100% (raw virgin matter, ultra-pure, concentrated, sterilized)


lab. / tech. / bio-research / cell molecule biology / bioreagent

product code


C.A.S. number




ID PubChem substance


empirical formula

C63H88CoN14O14P (Hill notation)

formula weight

1355.37 g/mol

melting point

>300 °C (decompressed before melting)

initial boiling point

>300 °C

relative density

1,35 at 20 °C

mol wt

Mw 1355.37 g/mol

water solubility

water: soluble 50 mg/mL




the product is chemically stable under standard ambient conditions (room temperature)

autoignition temp.

>400 °C


cell culture insect: suitable,
cell culture mammalian: suitable,
cell culture plant: suitable

partition coefficient

log Pow : 3,57

sensitivity & storage

ambient temperature (2 °C to 8 °C)


>99.99% to <102.50%

appearance (color)

red to brown




Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) is a water soluble vitamin, commonly called as cobalamins ,dairy products, meat and eggs are the major sources of this vitamin.
Vitamin B12 has been used:
# as a component of Erdschreiber′s medium;
# as a supplement of Dulbecco′s modified Eagle′s medium used for the isolation of ventricular myocytes from neonatal and adult rats;
# orally administered to male quails to study its role in reducing the negative effects of sodium selenite intoxication, in vivo;
# as a supplement in DMEM/ medium 199 (M199) medium for differentiation of human myoblasts.
Vitamin B12 is metabolized to its active form, methylcobalamin.
Hindered vitamin B12 uptake is observed in pernicious anemia.
Vitamin B12 is essential for erythroblast development. Pregnancy reduces the levels of vitamin B12;
Aging reduces vitamin B12 absorption.
It works as a coenzyme in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.
It is required for growth, genetic stability and survival of cells in vitro; functions to support one-carbon metabolism, present in many classical and serum-free formulations

note (1)

violent reactions possible with :
bases ,
strong oxidizing agents

note (2)

this product is for research use only, is not to be used for therapeutic ; not intended for animal or human or diagnostic or therapeutic use , and cannot be sold to patients.

note (3)

described price of the product is NOT NEGOTIABLE , already around 25% lower than the official price of the International Chemical Stock Exchange / ICIS .

* Possible additional discount for large quantity orders .

packaging / transport

special for chemical transport (according to IATA / ADR / ECHA-REACH rules / int.l laws) .


C.O.A., MSDS, GMP, API, USP, EUP, ECHA-REACH, ORIGIN, etc… (originals will be delivered with good , and copies after confirmed order)


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